Standard Solid Color Vinyls

If you are doing critical color matching and are considering a purchase of our furniture products you are welcome to request free vinyl upholstery samples. You may also wish to research vinyls and fabrics available from popular commercial suppliers such as Naugahyde
and C.F. Stinson




US-343 Emerald US-344 Forest US-417 Dusty Jade
US-526 Sage US-394 Adobe White US-425 Greystone US-354 Royal
US-516 Sky Blue US-506 Sangria US-419 Turquoise US-322 Sun Yellow
US-370 Paprika US-375 Chestnut US-377 Cinnamon US-387 Camel
US-426 Grotto US-360 Am.Beauty US-357 Claret US-364 Burgundy
Space US-507 Dark Cherry US-372 Mand. Orange US-393 Black

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