Formica Brand Boomerang Plastic Laminates
for high performance and economical restaurant tables, restaurant cabinets and waste receptacles. All but Formica CHARCOAL Boomerang Matte Finish #6942-58 have been discontinued and are un-available.

If you are looking for finished laminated plastic products such as restaurant table tops, restaurant counters, restaurant cabinets and waste receptacles we can offer boomerang patterns from the Wilson Art© brand custom Indie© Collection
on finished goods. ( We do not sell plastic laminate sheets )
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Boomerang Plastic Laminate Dungaree

Boomerang Plastic Laminate Domino

Boomerang Plastic Laminate Butterscotch

Retro Dungaree

Retro Domino

Retro Butterscotch

Boomerang Plastic Laminate Taffy Boomerang Plastic Laminate Malt Boomerang Plastic Laminate Pop
Retro Taffy

Retro Malt

Retro Pop

Boomerang Plastic Laminate Mint Boomerang Plastic Laminate Surf Boomerang Plastic Laminate Diner
Retro Mint

Retro Surf

Retro Diner

Wilson Art© Brand
Custom Indie© Collection

Boomerang Plastic Laminate Sockhop Boomerang Plastic Laminate Oxford

Retro Sockhop

Retro Oxford

Boomerang Charcoal Formica 6942

Boomerang Aqua Formica 6959

Formica CHARCOAL Boomerang Matte Finish #6942-58
Still Available

Formica AQUA Boomerang Matte Finish #6959-58
Aqua Boomerang Pattern has been discontinued by Formica

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Boomerang Coral Formica 6941

Boomerang Skylark Formica 6940

Formica CORAL Boomerang Matte Finish #6941-58
Coral Boomerang Pattern has been discontinued by Formica

Formica SKYLARK Boomerang Matte Finish #6940-58
Skylark Boomerang Pattern has been discontinued by Formica

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Formica Boomerang Plastic Laminate Restaurant Table

Our laminated plastic commercial table tops adhere to the following standards:
  • 1 1/8" thick core material constructed of 45 pound density particle board, with a phenolic backing or balance sheet on the underside. Upper side is laminated with .050 ( 1/16" ) high pressure plastic total thickness - 1 1/4" thick.

Contact us for quotes on any standard or custom table size. Be sure to tell us
The edge style, wood species, quantity and plastic laminate choice...

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