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If you would like to trade links with us simply send me an email at sales@kpetersen.com and I will review your information as soon as I can and post your link on our links page.
We would prefer ( but do not require ) that your site in some way relates to furniture, furniture design, restaurant interiors, hotel interiors, interior design, antique furniture, retro, furniture repair, upholstery fabrics, furniture hardware, theatrical props, photographer's studio props... or would in some way interest our clientel such as architects, interior designers, restaurant bar owners, schools, theaters, museums, libraries, churches, courtrooms, medical facilities, retail stores, television and film production companies, night clubs, country clubs, casinos and hotels.
Also please note that we do not consider third party links or link list sites or if you send us a request using a free email address service or one that does not match the domain for which you are requesting a link.

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New Category

Plymold Dealer Dot Com Buttonplymolddealer.com
Incomparable product quality, space saving design, rugged construction,
craftsmanship and years of durable service.

Lingered Upon On this blog, you'll find both personal photography work and "work" photography work.

Moon Shine
Moon Shine

Retrowow is an online resource about retro style and the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. This site is packed with information about retro furniture retro fashion and retro style.


DecorPad is a source for decorating, renovating and home building!

For the Interior / Architectural Design trade and Private Collectors

Denver Fabrics

Art and Home Button
Fine art tapestry wall hangings

wallpaper borders,and cutouts

Bentwood Chairs Theatrical Props
Don't Miss Our Garage Sale.
Samples, Closeouts, Theatrical Props...

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