Restaurant Booths - 42" High Plain Back
Confidential Prices

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Plain Back Restaurant Booth

Plain Back Booth
Plain Back Booth
(Two Single Ends Shown Above)
Tables and bases are sold separately

Estimated pricing shown on this page calculated
using "Quick Ship" Vinyl Selections.
For a wider selection ( at at slightly higher cost )
choose Standard Solid Color Vinyls and Premium
Zodiac Glitter Special Vinyls.
You may also wish to research other vinyls and
fabrics available from popular commercial suppliers
such as Naugahyde and C.F. Stinson

36 inch high and 42 inch high upholstered restaurant booths
42" High Back Priced This Page
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Optional 48" High Back Booths Also Available

Plain Back SingleSingle Booth End Elevation Drawing End Booth 42" High Finished Two Ends
and Outside Back of Back
26" Long $413....82lbs
46" Long $452...106lbs

Plain Back DoubleDouble Booth End Elevation DrawingBooth 42" High Finished Two Ends
26" Long $641...141lbs
46" Long $705...186lbs

½ Circle BoothHalf Circle Booth Drawing 46" X 84" X 46" $2108
Finished Back of Back: Add $385
Recommended Top Size: 30" X 42"


¾ Circle Booth Three Quarter Circle Booth Drawing46" X 84" X 84" X 46" $3756
Finished Back of Back: Add $572
Recommended Top Size: 42" X 42"


Corner BoothCorner BoothCorner booths can be made in
any custom lengths.
Example - A 48" X 48" Unfinished Ends, Unfinished Back
would be $1226
Finished Back of Back Add $210
Finished Ends: Add $40

Wall BenchWall Bench DrawingPer Foot $133
Finished Back of Back Add Approx. $25 Per Foot
Finished Ends Add $22 each


Confidential Price List. Your Having Confidential Pricing Information Does Not Constitute An Offer To Sell From Us.. Prices shown are provided as a convenience, are estimates based on standard products and materials, are subject to change without notice, may require a minimum order dollar amount.

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