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and C.F. Stinson


Chameã II

cy firstlight cy soft white cy buff cy sand
CY25 First Light CY20 Soft White CY15 Buff CY12 Sand
cy beach cy sunlight cy stardust cy butter cy chaps
CY04 Beach CY05 Sunlight CY02 Stardust CY07 Butter CY13 Chaps
cy spice cy melon cy marmalade cy baja brown cy rosa
CY34 Spice CY28 Melon CY27 Marmalade CY08 Baja Brown CY31 Rosa
cy red cywood violet cy mahogany Spacecy ocean cy sea glass
CY03 Red CY33 Wood Violet CY14 Mahogany CY29 Ocean CY32 Sea Glass
cy honesty cy water cy spruce cy navy cy palm
CY26 Honesty CY09 Water CY16 Spruce CY17 Navy CY10 Palm
cy olive cy amber cy eden cy valley cy cypress
CY11 Olive CY23 Amber CY24 Eden CY35 Valley CY30 Cypress
cy lt gray cy dk pewter cy stone cy antelope cy graphite grey
CY22 Lt. Gray CY21 Dk. Pewter CY06 Stone CY19 Antelope CY01 Graph.Grey
Space Space Space Space cy black
Space Space Space Space CY18 Black

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