Retro Tables and Special Shape Restaurant Tables

In addition to our standard square, round and rectangular tables we can offer numerous custom table shapes.
(We cannot quote projects for single table tops unless the specially shaped top is part of a larger order)
A simple diagonal cut or curved edge table top can make all the difference between a room that just works and an inspired solution. Imagine how your restaurant dining room or function room can work better with table shapes that are fun and practical.
There are some links below to some custom project photos and product photos we've done in the past.We'll add more of these as we are able.

Boomerang Table ShapeBoomerang Table Soft Triangle Table
Soft Triangle Table
Triangle Table ShapeTriangle Table
Special Tables Page Spacer
Racetrack Oval TableRacetrack Oval Table Bullet Shaped TableBullet Table
Special Tables Page Spacer
Elliptical Oval TableElliptical Oval Table Bean Shaped Table
Bean Table 1
Bean Shaped Table 2Bean Table 2
Special Tables Page Spacer
Soft Square TableSoft Square Table

Soft Square Asymmetrical TableSoft Square Asymmetrical Table

Special Tables Page Spacer
Dog Bone TableDog Bone Table Octagon TableOctagon Table
Special Tables Page Spacer
Trapezoid TableTrapezoid Table Pentagon TablePentagon Table
Special Tables Page Spacer
Serpentine TableSerpentine Table Quarter Round TableQuarter Round Table
Special Tables Page Spacer

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