Cafeteria Seating For Institutions And Industry

Cafeteria tables and cafeteria seating for institutions and industry. Cafeteria table with chair units and cafeteria seating systems made in the United States.
Cafeteria cluster seating saves space and maximizes seating capacity. Cluster seating helps organize
traffic flow in your employee breakroom, lunchroom or school cafeteria. Cafeteria table units minimize cleaning maintenance and provide a safe
lunchroom seating solution for office employees, factory workers and students alike.

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Cafeteria Seating Frequently Asked Questions
and Swivel Mounted Chair Seat Options


Cafeteria Furniture
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Cafeteria Seating Layout Details and
Support Frame Configurations
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Steel Back Cafeteria Cluster Seating Unit
Cafeteria Tables with Steel Swivel Mounted Chair Seats

Budget Style

Economy Fiberglass Shell Cluster Seat
Cafeteria Tables with Swivel Mounted Fiberglass Shell Chair Seats

Aluminum Back Cluster Seat
Cafeteria Tables with Swivel Mounted
Cast Aluminum Back Chair Seats

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Cafeteria Bench And Cluster Seat Combinations
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Flat bench industrial cafeteria unit for 8 people

Interior Picnic Table Style Seating with Laminated Plastic Benches
Best Selling Style

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