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Six Seat Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth

Laminated Plastic Booth Seating Comfort
Comfort comes from the formed seat because it places the base of a seated person's spine below the seated knee level. This produces a flowing line of support for the human body in its natural sitting position. There is also a hard seat "slide in" feature so the booth seat can be entered easily. Clothes do not wrinkle or shift when customers slide into their seating space.

59" Six Seat Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booths Shown Left.

Other seats lengths are available in:
23" (Two person restaurant booths)
42", 44" and 47" (Four person restaurant booths)

Standard finish for back of seat back is black cabinet liner. Optional decorative laminate on back of seat back is shown left.

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Economical, Durable, Colorful. Best Selling Restaurant Booths!

Our best price and best delivery time can be had by choosing standard solid colors and patterns from Wilson-Art and Formica brand plastic laminates.
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