Budget Soda Fountain Counter Stool
Layout Dimensions and Footrest Suggestions

Built in counter stool footrest options and layout dimension details. Soda fountain counter stool
seat height to counter height ratio. Built in steps and foot rails as alternatives to integral footrests on counter stools.

Budget Bolt Down Soda Fountain Counter Stools Line Up
Counter Stools Install On Minimum 26 inch Centers Counter Stool Suggested Spacing

Pancake House Counter Stools
Counter Stools With Backrest Install On 30 - 32 inch Centers Counter Stool with Backrest Suggested Spacing

Built-In Footrest Drawing Built In Step On Platform
Counter Mounted Footrest
Counter Mounted Footrail

General Bar, Aisle, and Back Bar Dimensions And Suggestions For Reference

Bar Layout Dimensions Human Factors
Bar Layout Dimensions - Human Factors

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