Budget Restaurant Table Bases
Crossfoot Table Bases For Rectangular Restaurant Tables

Steel Column, Cast Iron Bottom, Crossfoot Table Base For Rectangular Restaurant Tables.
Table Bases are equipped with adjustable leveler glides.

Budget Style Steel and Cast Iron Table Base with Rectangular Booth Table Top

Steel column with cast iron bottom and cast iron or steel top "spider".
Columns are 3" Diameter
Standard table base finish is black. Other table base finishes are available by custom order

Crossfoot Table Base Standard Size 22" X 30" Table Base Will Support Table Tops Up To 30" X 48" At Dining Height..

Steel and Cast Iron Restaurant Table Bases For Rectangular Tops

22" X 30" Crossfoot Table Bases Feature Easy To Assemble All Welded Columns.

Multiple Table Bases For Large Restaurant Tables

Use Multiple Table Bases For Large Restaurant Table Tops.

Custom Height Restaurant Table Bases

Most Steel and Cast Iron Crossfoot Table Base Columns Can Be Cut To Coffee Table Height and Other Special Purpose Heights.

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