Solid Ash Wood Species
Rustic, Barnwood Look
Restaurant Table Top Pricing

Solid Ash Barnwood Restaurant Table Gray Finish

Solid Ash, Rustic Barnwood Look Restaurant Table Tops 1 3/4" Thick

  Price Quantity 5 - 9 Price Quantity 10 - +
24" X 24" * $152 each $146 each
24" X 30" * $182 each $175 each
24" X 36" * $218 each $210 each
24" X 48" $293 each $282 each
30" X 30" * $229 each $221 each
30" X 48" $346 each $333 each
30" X 60" $433 each $416 each
30" X 72" $518 each $498 each
36" X 36" $328 each $316 each
36" X 48" $438 each $421 each
36" X 60" $553 each $531 each
36" X 72" $620 each $596 each
24" Round * $146 each $140 each
30" Round * $230 each $221 each
36" Round $328 each $316 each
42" Round $447 each $430 each
48" Round $592 each $568 each
54" Round $737 each $710 each
60" Round $928 each $892 each
Pricing Includes Standard Distressed, Rustic "Barnwood" Finish.
Discount Available For Plain and Natural Clear Finishes On Ash Wood Species.
Five table top minimum order. Sizes can be combined to make order minimum.
All Pricing Shown For Budget Purposes Only. ALL Projects MUST BE QUOTED.

Wood tables will occasionally warp.
Wood is a sponge like material made of cells and fibers that swell and shrink depending on the temperature and moisture in the surrounding air. When a tree is cut down, first of all the water in between the cells evaporates, then some of the water inside the cells dries out. Drying from its green condition, wood will retain its original dimensions until the moisture content falls to about 30%. A certain percentage of water always remains. With air-seasoning, the moisture content of most types of wood will fall to between 23 and 17%, at which level it will be in balance with the moisture content of the air around it. In pre-central heating and air conditioning days, the wood would be stable enough to make into furniture. Wood table manufacturers now kiln dry lumber to further reduce moisture content and make the material more stable. All manufacturers have some tolerance for some warping (as much as 1/8" per lineal foot). It is an unavoidable fact of nature. If you find you have warped table tops immediately after receiving your order we can help determine if the warping is within the manufacturer's tolerance.

To avoid warping after you begin using wood table tops a cool environment (72 degrees) with a relative humidity of about 50-55% and a little bit of air movement is said to be ideal for wood objects in general. Change thermostat settings gradually as seasons change. A sudden change in temperature or humidity is the worst thing possible as moisture will be sucked out of or pushed into the material far too quickly causing tension inside it. Excess heat and dryness can even cause cracking and splitting. Avoid extremely hot plates, excessive water allowed to stand for long periods. Also avoid vinyl table cloths and glass tops as they can prevent air circulation and cause warping.